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Irish, The Feral Cat Houdini

Irish was a feral cat in Butler County, Pennsylvania.  One of those kitties that doesn’t really have a home or people all to himself. A kitty that lives outside and finds kind souls willing to provide food and water, as well as allow him to seek shelter. He found a safe sanctuary on a local farm.  The people were super responsible and made arrangements to have Irish neutered and vaccinated.  It was a little tricky getting him into a carrier.  He was a street-smart feline and it took more than a few attempts to get him successfully into the carrier.  Persistence on the part of his benefactor paid off, and Irish made it into the crate, and into the car.  Now here is where the story gets interesting.  As his benefactor was walking up the sidewalk to Muddy Creek Animal Clinic with Irish in the carrier, the carrier started to come apart.  Irish saw the opening and made a mad, wriggling effort to free himself – and ran off!  Panic ensued all around.  The customer, the staff and the doctor all spent hours and days trying to recapture Irish – but he vanished.  Posters were shared, and neighboring businesses were also helping to keep an eye out for the wayward cat.  Not a sighting of whisker or tail was reported. Days, weeks and months passed with no Irish seen anywhere.  Then, one day, the kind benefactor reported Irish had returned.  (It was a miracle!) UPDATE:  The story took an interesting turn as a caretaker for a feral colony of about 50 cats noticed the similarity between one of several black cats and Irish's lost poster.  Moreover this feral colony was over 5 miles away.  Irish's owner heard that he was spotted 6 months after he went missing.  Multiple miracles happened, and Irish was back home safe and sound, His appointment was rescheduled, and once again Irish was successfully crated and transported to Muddy Creek Animal Clinic.  His crate was reinforced (pictured) with zip ties and duct tape.  There was no escaping this time! Everyone was so impressed that Irish travelled miles and miles to return to his safe place that extra precautions were made for a successful neuter, vaccine and re-entry into the newly reinforced crate-of-no-escape.  Cats are amazing creatures, and Irish’s story amazes us still. 

Public service announcement:  Check your crates for strong, sturdy connections and closures!

Amazing public service announcement:  Lost pets can be found months later and miles away!

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