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Questions about the Coronavirus?

This link to the CDC's website will have the latest information on the Coronavirus and Animals.  CDC Coronavirus and Animals

We are encouraging all of our clients to take extra precautions and stay calm during this time.  Please feel free to send us your questions or concerns.  Our office will remain open, but will be scheduling fewer appointments and engaging in extra disinfecting protocols.  Additionally, prescription refills can be called in to the office, paid for over the phone, and delivered to your car in the parking lot.  Just call us!

(Covid19 update:  we are currently limiting home euthanasia visits to active clients only.)

February 2021 - Unfortunately, we are temporarily unable to accept new clients/patients at this time.  The requests for appointments have been overwhelming, and with the COVID19 restrictions we are unable to meet the demand.  Your pet's health is important to us and we encourage you to have sick/injured pets seen by a veterinarian quickly.  Pittsburgh Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies - their number is 724-366-3400.

Pet Safety Resources

Remember to keep your pets safe from poisonous products.  People food and holiday decorations can present dangers to your pets.  If you are concerned about whether something your pet ingested is poisonous, please keep the Pet Poison Helpline handy.  

Pet Poison Helpline


[email protected]

There is a fee for this service, and they will need to know all of the details about what your pet ate - so have the ingredient label ready!

Celebrating 5+ years in the community!

It seems like just yesterday we were opening our doors and welcoming your pets to our clinic.  We would like to acknowledge the support of our community and say, thank you!


Dr K goat show


renrak boers collage

Did you know that Dr. Karner also raises and shows Boer goats?  Renrak Boers raises and sells Boer goats for show, 4-H, breeding and meat.  They are members of the American Boer Association and uphold the standards for high quality show goats.  The herd includes both traditional and colored stock.  The herd is CAE and Johne's negative.  Plus, we love seeing caprines and camelids at the clinic!

caprine camelid


Have a hard time believing that your dog would like healthy treats?  Check out Billie in the video below, showing us how much dogs actually love a healthy snack!

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Please note we are temporarily not accepting new clients/new patients.


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