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Kennel cough outbreak in our community ~


There has been a remarkable number of kennel cough cases in our community this season.  Please be aware that young puppies and older dogs are at a greater risk of suffering from kennel cough - and many dogs experience a viral infection at the same time.  If you suspect your pet has kennel cough, please call the clinic right away.  Our doctors will review your pet's medical record and make the best suggestions for your unique situation.

Heart Health Awareness!

Purina weightloss promotion

We are emphasizing Heart Health Awareness.  Two common pet issues that are preventable and treatable with early intervention are heartworm disease and obesity.  We recommend a heartworm screening every 2 years if your pet is on a monthly heartworm preventative - and immediately if not on a heartworm preventative.  Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases are on the rise in our area.  It is always preferred to be pro-active in protecting your pet rather than suffer through disease and the expense of treatment  Ask us for more details and schedule your pet for an exam.  We have diet recommendations, easy-to-use guides and charts to help your pet reach and maintain a healthy weight.  Join our weight-loss program sponsored by Purina that includes a great bagful of promotional items!


Helping those in need -  The Angel Fund

Sometimes disaster strikes and our community needs a little help.  Thanks to a generous donation, we have established an Angel Fund.  This fund is for helping unexpected, life-threatening situations experienced by our client's pets.   If you would like to donate in memory of a beloved pet, please talk to our receptionist.  We also support our local Red Cross with pet provisions for neighbors who have been displaced with their pets by a disaster.  


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Looking for an activity to do with your dog?

Why not participate in Temperament Testing!

This is a great opportunity to have your dog temperament tested.  Pre-registration is required and all pets that pass their test will receive an AKC designation of "TT" on their pedigree.  For more information, please contact the Butler Dog Training Association at 724-287-3933.

All breeds are welcome!

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